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Brandeis University’s MS in Bioinformatics prepares you for an impactful career in the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and biomedical research. Blending programming skills with real-world knowledge from expert faculty, our rigorous online program prepares you to decipher biological data to draw conclusions that make a difference. No programming experience is required.

Choose our fast-track option to graduate in 15 months or take classes on your schedule to complete in two and a half years.

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Showcase Your Skillset

A key goal of the MS in Bioinformatics is that you develop a marketable, industry-aligned skillset and graduate with proof that you know how to use it. Throughout your courses, you’ll write programs in R, analyze large data sets, validate models against data and more. These experiences can be shared with employers to showcase your skillset and validate your industry expertise.

Become a Bioinformatics Leader through Focused Curriculum

Learn from expert faculty who hold weekly office hours to build relationships and ensure understanding. Our courses cover programming skills alongside life science topics, allowing our graduates to stand out in the field of bioinformatics.

Biomedical Statistics

Learn to draw informative conclusions from data in the biomedical field.

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Disease

Explore concepts of classic genetics, the anatomy and function of genomes, and more.

Bioinformatics Scripting and Databases with Python

Get an introduction to scripting and programming with applications.

Minh Huyen Nguyen
“I was drawn to the Bioinformatics program because it provides students with cutting-edge intellectual approaches to multiple complex biological systems through big data wrangling, synthesis, experiment design and computational solutions based upon a multidisciplinary foundation. And even though the platform of the program is virtual, the lessons are structured well and engage students with the contents from the courses.”
– Minh Huyen Nguyen, MS’22

Bold Leaders in Online Learning

Brandeis University has online education down to a science with decades of experience. Our faculty members, who are trained to teach online, create and refresh courses infused with best practices to optimize your learning experience. The platform is virtual, but the connections are real.

Pursue In-Demand Bioinformatics Careers

Advance in a field that has a significant impact on society. The importance of roles in bioinformatics was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic when vaccine development and medical insights became vital in our everyday lives. Pursue impactful, growing roles with a master’s degree from Brandeis.

Top Jobs for Bioinformatics Graduates

  1. Director of Bioinformatics: $156,133 per year1
  2. Biochemist: $102,270 per year2
  3. Data Scientist: $100,910 per year3
  4. Computational Biologist: $99,7594
  5. Senior Research Scientist: $85,708 per year5

Build a Network of Connections at Brandeis

At Brandeis, we work hard to ensure you connect with students in your program, building relationships that will last a lifetime. Through small classes, you’ll interact with our expert faculty and your peers while keeping up with other commitments. With our culture of inclusion, you’ll be a part of the Brandeis network no matter where you’re learning from or your background.

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